TunePedal for Audi Q3 45 TFSI 228 Hp

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Put some punch back into your acceleration! The combination of the TunePedal and the TuningBox will give you incredible feelings.

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TunePedal for Audi Q3

Put some punch back into your acceleration!

The combination of the Tune Pedal and the Tuning Box will give you incredible feelings.

These days, the accelerator cable in all vehicles has been replaced by an electronic system that effectively acts as a speed regulator. Unfortunately, this system has a delayed response to the pedal, and therefore also delays acceleration.

But with Tune Pedal, this response time is shortened considerably. Acceleration happens in real time and is more intense.

Cars that have a direct fuel injection system (common rail) also benefit from this improvement in acceleration. While acceleration is usually sluggish at the beginning, with Tune Pedal it is instantaneous, even during gear changes.

Even if your car comes with a sport button, Tune Pedal will improve your acceleration even more.

Tune Pedal does not improve your car’s engine power, but its acceleration time. It can be used in conjunction with an add-on box.


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