BKM Replacement Parts for BKM front bumper, fits Audi A3/S3 8V5

  1. Bumper cover (part #: BKM_13_A3_8V_5_BUMPER_COVER_REP)
  2. Glossy black left side mesh grille (part #: BKM_A3_8V_5_LEFT_SIDEMESHGRILLE_REP)
  3. Glossy black right side mesh grille (part #: BKM_A3_8V_5_RIGHT_SIDEMESHGRILLE_REP)
  4. Black left side inner mesh grille (part #: BKM_A3_8V_5_LEFT_SIDE_INSIDE_MESHGRILLE_REP)
  5. Black right side inner mesh grille (part #: BKM_A3_8V_5_RIGHT_SIDE_INSIDE_MESHGRILLE_REP)
  6. Silver front spoiler set – 3 pieces  (part # BKM_A3_8V_5_SILVER_SPOILER_REP)

This is an aftermarket (not OEM) product.

This product is delivered unpainted. The price does not include painting and installation costs.

The product is primed. Howev